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Android Based Digital Signage

Due to its focus on mobile devices, Android is a popular operating system for digital signage companies in Singapore. Smart TVs, tablets, set-top boxes, and Android dongles are all getting more affordable and high-quality. So is our software for Android Based Digital Signage.

Consult An Expert Before Planning An Android Digital Signage System.

Android presents a compelling option for digital signage. Its affordability and adaptability alone make it a very alluring choice for the central technology of a new digital signs system.

Depending on the application and the system’s operating needs, specific hardware and digital signage technologies can be preferable to others. For example, a digital signage system that needs to be operational around the clock might not be the best fit for a smart TV. The typical smart TV isn’t made to run all the time. It might be the best choice in other situations, like a front desk at an office.

How to Get Started with Android Based Digital Signage

A highly effective and adaptable tool for improving communication skills is digital signage. It offers a plethora of business-boosting use cases that, to be honest, traditional signage cannot match, regardless of the industry.

The best part is that hardware and software for digital signage are now more widely available than ever. A display, a device that can be used as an Android digital signage media player, and a subscription to digital signage software are all you need for a simple setup.

Stability Is The Key

Hardware Stability

  • Our hardware is made to function around the clock, seven days a week.
  • We are equipped to endure a demanding work environment tailored to your requirements.
  • Including a sturdy housing for industrial applications and a fan-less heat sink.

Software Stability

  • Android AOSP system optimized and fully configurable.
  • We offer problem-solving, upgrades, and bug fixes.
  • We also provide SDKs and APIs for your own projects.

Have a Display Already?

Get the Android Digital Signage Hardware as a Service!

Save money on initial CAPEX costs and let us maintain your digital signage media player.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about digital signage technologies. We will be pleased to help you.

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