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Permanent License

Use the cloud software for Digital Signage to control compatible gadgets remotely. A dependable, simple-to-use platform that can handle networks with up to 10,000 devices, supporting individual devices as well. Licensing digital signage is done on a connected device such as a media player or screen. For any media player you want to click and control from Digital Signage, you need to get a license for Digital Signage.


  • One-year license for Digital Signage. Acquired separately.
  • Includes all users on your network, unlimited online support, unlimited storage on Digital Signage Cloud, and continuous software updates.
  • When Signspace account holders purchase Digital Signage, they get a complimentary 45-minute remote training session.
  • Cost-effective: Initially, subscription licenses are more costly than subscription licenses. Nevertheless, over time, they might prove to be more economical.
  • Flexibility: Provides greater freedom than licensing for subscription services, such as account and master controls.
  • Support: Consists of software assistance on a subscription basis.

Why Digital Signage License

Digital Signage Singapore makes it much easier to connect with signage software and make changes at any time and place. We take pride in catering all signage-related services for quick access to digital screens to advertise their business easily.

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