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Portable LCD Signage

Battery-operated portable LCD digital signage solutions are ideal for drawing attention to retail stores and promoting various goods, services, and brands.

Our battery-operated digital LCD signage is a freestanding, portable digital display for outdoor applications. Businesses often use them to display promotions, advertisements, and other visual content in outdoor spaces like parking lots, sidewalks, and other busy places.

Usually, these portable LCD signage come in different sizes, such as 32″, 43″, & 55″ digital display screens that run on rechargeable batteries. They are easily moved and repositioned as needed because of their lightweight and portable design. The display and internal parts are covered from the weather by weather-resistant enclosures.

The battery-powered feature enables them to be placed in locations without an electrical outlet. They are a flexible tool for businesses to promote their events, products, and promotions because they can be set to display different content at different times of the day.

Additionally, updating, maintaining, and installing them is relatively easy. However, their cost is often higher than that of conventional poster displays, and the battery may need to be changed more frequently due to its short lifespan.

Key Features of Floor-Standing LCD Signage

Key Features of Floor-Standing LCD Signage- Digitalsignage.sg Singapore

Fully Weatherproof

Our LCD displays have a sturdy IP65-rated outer casing and are built to withstand Singapore’s most extreme weather conditions. They can easily survive in long-term exposure to humidity, dust, and other severe weather conditions.

High Brightness

Our displays can give your visual campaigns a vibrant new lease on life due to their unmatched brightness (700cd/m²). These LCD screens are clear, whether indoors or outdoors, emitting up to three times the brightness of a typical home TV set.

Powerful Fixed Design

Our LCD displays have a full fold intended to provide maximum durability and extend lifespan. Tempered glass treatment adds more value to displays by protecting the inner components and panels from outside influences.

Secure Locking Bar

Using our sturdy locking castors, you can easily mount and install your displays with little to no intrusion. For additional security, you can close the mounting bar after it has been mounted with a security padlock.


Easy input and content updates are made possible by our digital signage’s various connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and wireless connections (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

Disclosing the Advantages of Portable LCD Signage

Portable LCD signage gives marketing initiatives a dynamic edge because of its mobility and versatility. LCD screens enable engaging images, animations, and flexible content. The improved visual appeal immediately grabs attention, making it a powerful tool for companies looking to stand out.

Versatility of Portable LCD Signage
The versatility of portable LCD signage is one of its main benefits. Because these panels are easily movable and adjustable, businesses may display content at various events and locations.

Portable LCD signage is more affordable than traditional advertising techniques. The digital content update feature eliminates the continuous costs of printing new materials.

Enhanced Visibility
LCD panels’ sharp display and excellent resolution improve visibility and draw viewers in with more engaging content. Vibrant hues and crisp visuals grab the viewer’s attention, increasing the impact of the message.

Dynamic Content Display
Portable LCD screens allow for dynamic content display, unlike static signs. To successfully engage their audience, businesses can quickly update information, run promotions, or present captivating multimedia content.

Why Choose Us

Digital Signage Company is a leading manufacturer of digital signage with LCD screens in Singapore. The digital signage with a portable, detachable LCD screen can run on batteries or electricity. One six-hour charge can power it for up to eight or ten hours. Plug it in to recharge the internal battery.

We provide advanced battery-operated, portable LCD screen digital signage, ideal for various mobile applications. Our products perform exceptionally well, whether you’re at events, restaurants, retail stores, trade shows, or other venues.

In digital signage and advertising, portable movable digital signage is comparatively new. This USB plug-and-play device can play a variety of advertising and media content, including pictures and videos. Perfect for places with high foot traffic, waiting areas, retail establishments, etc.

With our cloud-based digital signage software, you can remotely schedule and update your content to draw in and educate customers at your door.

Compared to traditional print/posters that are rarely noticed, LCD digital signage is a great way to draw in customers, engage with them, and communicate more impressively with sales, promotions, and other information.

Additionally, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in positioning the display to get the most exposure for your company because it runs on batteries.

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