Windows Based Digital Signage Singapore-

Windows based digital signage players offer a powerful and reasonably priced hardware choice for those creating a digital signage system. Windows can power digital kiosks in malls and multiscreen video walls. It’s one of the most favoured options for businesses using digital signage since it works well with various signage applications.

What We Offer

We have various tools designed specifically for Windows digital signage devices. Kiosk Mode content running, support for multiple screens and desktops, unique content playback size and position, YouTube video and live stream, and many more features are included.

Multiscreen Display Support

You can operate many screens from a single device using multi-output media players. Just select the desktops that you wish to play content on. This capability is perfect for menu boards, video walls, and numerous other applications involving multiple screens.

Custom Playback Size and Position

Use the application settings panel to quickly set up content playback on a desktop to a specific size and location. Perfect for LED walls to guarantee pixel-perfect content playback.

Windows Digital Signage Player

Enjoy excellent compatibility with the digital signage player for Windows. Display content from digital signs in real time using media players compatible with Windows.

Kiosk Mode

Set up your signage player to play ingrained signage continuously. When you use the kiosk mode feature, your device boots up in a mode without a Windows desktop and contains signage that activates on its own each time it is turned on or restarted.You can enable this functionality in the settings by ticking the box, and your device will restart in full kiosk mode.

Video Walls

Digital signage players with Windows operating systems are recommended for powering multiscreen video walls. Other operating systems can run multiscreen video walls but can be challenging to set up and troubleshoot. Windows digital signage from Digital Signage Singapore is usually advised for multiscreen configurations.

Remote Device Management

Many capabilities for managing devices are available in the device dashboard, such as content screenshots, reboot and troubleshooters, network information like IP and MAC, resolution, application version, time, date, location, and content delivery confirmation. Everything is in one place!

Why Windows Digital Signage Software?

Most Extensively Used Operating System

Among the most popular operating systems worldwide is Windows. Windows provides improved user experience and faster performance with regular updates. It offers striking digital signage display that fit your company’s needs.

Under Company Guidelines And Security Requirements

Windows is made to withstand the demanding security standards of modern businesses. Because Windows is compatible with so many enterprise software programs, it has become the standard operating system for many enterprises worldwide.

Flexibility In Terms Of Hardware Assistance

Windows is compatible with various devices, including micro PCs, several thin client solutions, and the tiny Intel Compute Stick. For compatibility, use Windows digital signage software.

Simple Setup And Inexpensive Setup

It’s a user-friendly setup process. You don’t need to be an expert technologist to install or upgrade Windows. Digital signage player for Windows is simple and convenient to use.

Great For Interactive And Touch Screen Digital Signage

Windows offers strong support for interactive displays, whether you intend to use it for interactive or touchscreen digital signage. In other words, locating and installing the drivers for interactive and touchscreen displays is simple. Microsoft is the only media player operating system supporting interactive digital signage.

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