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OLED Signage

With light, thin, curved, and flexible OLED signage, you can bring your ideas to life.

Visual communication is essential, and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) signage is revolutionizing this field. OLED signage is an innovative display technology that produces light when an electric current is applied using organic molecules. Because OLED displays don’t need a backlight like standard LED or LCD displays, every pixel can produce its own light, producing images with unmatched clarity, vibrant colors, and richer contrasts.

Why Choose Us

Digital Signage Company offers the most exquisite design and a vivid illustration of every color. Modify the way you interact with clients. Digital Signage Singapore is going to completely change the way you do business.

At Digital Signage, we aim to create fresh ideas for digital signage. Our dedication lies in offering company technological solutions that enhance practical marketing efficiency. To help with this, we have created special OLED signage. Information displays, digital signs for advertising, VRF systems, and customized signage solutions for various industries are just a few of the many things we provide. Learn more about our OLED signage right now.

Key Features

The advanced OLED signage is remarkably lightweight, thin, and compact. When placed in prime areas, it enhances the area and offers a remarkable client experience. It can also be used as a video wall by simply fastening it to a wall using a magnetic mat.

Stunning Black

Deepest darkness and endless contrast Self-lighting pixels replicate black by fully turning off—no light bleeding. Infinite contrast is possible with total black.

Amazing Contrast and Color

Stable and accurate color reproduction! Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with incredible accuracy.

Ideal Display Screen

Broad angle of view: Wide viewing angles do not diminish the breathtaking visual quality of OLED Signage.

Clear, Crisp Motion

Quicker reaction time With a 5,000-times faster motion-picture response time, OLED signage offers crystal-clear, blur-free images.

Smart Design

Light and slender The OLED Signage display is tiny and light, consisting of only two layers.

Types of OLED Signage


Transparent OLED

Even more creative options for visual communication are made possible by our Transparent OLED Signage, which surpasses the capabilities of traditional digital signage.

Curved OLED Display

OLED signage redesigns space as a landmark that enhances status with flawless colors and creative forms, offering unparalleled advertising efficacy.

OLED Professional Display

Make immediate corrections to your work by using precise color and eye-catching display.

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