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FHD Signage

When it comes to powerful displays at an affordable cost, nothing comes close to an FHD signage display. Deliver messages to your audience in complete clarity and precise full HD signage display.

An FHD Signage Monitor displays digital content in various commercial and public settings. “Full HD is a common resolution standard for such displays. All types of businesses, whether small or big, can get the most out of these versatile FHD signage displays at Digital Signage Singapore.

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Make Any Space More Engaging With Digital Signage Company!

Digital Signage is a leading signage company in Singapore. We aim to deliver unmatched signage solutions to all business requirements to ease various industries, including retail stores, the corporate sector, healthcare, etc. It helps businesses to deliver their messages, discounts, and services to their potential customers.

With diverse digital screens, we help businesses grab the attention of their target customers. Our team does more than just update screens with content. We also include eye-catching graphics and interactive, information-rich experiences to help viewers relate to your business.

Features of Full HD Digital Signage Displays

Commercial-grade digital signage displays are adaptable and work in portrait and landscape orientations. There are three potential display sizes: 31.5, 43, and 55 inches. Apart from that, there are plenty of features that you can enjoy from FHD displays.

HD Digital Signage Displays

High Resolution

Full HD is a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This resolution is appropriate for showing text, images, videos, and graphics in various applications since it produces crisp and clear images.

Precise and Clear Content

FHD digital signage displays vibrant content, including advertisements, informational messages, videos, interactive content, and more. Retail stores, airports, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, and public transportation systems can use this display screen to communicate information and engage with customers or audiences.


We have displays of different sizes, from smaller screens for menu boards to large video walls for immersive experiences. They can be mounted on walls, placed on stands, or integrated into kiosks and other structures.


Full HD Digital Signage Displays typically offer multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and network connections. This allows users to connect various devices and media sources, such as computers, Built-in Speakers, SD Card slots, media players, and content management systems.


Users can tailor the content displayed on these monitors to suit their specific needs. This can include customized layouts, graphics, and content playlists.

Types of Full HD Digital Signage Displays


Commercial FHD Displays

Commercial Full HD displays are suitable for digital menu boards, retail stores, and corporate lobbies and are designed to endure constant use. For better viewing, they usually include features like thin bezels.

Outdoor Displays

Our outdoor FHD digital signage displays can function in any weather setting, considering they are durable and weatherproof. They are ideal for information displays, wayfinding, and outdoor advertising.

Indoor Displays

Like outdoor displays, our Indoor displays are adaptable and can be used in shopping malls, airports, and museums. They fit a variety of places and provide excellent image quality.

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