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Ultra Stretch Signage

Have a productive and enjoyable experience with Ultra Stretch Signage, made explicitly for use in Kiosks and other business needs. Businesses and marketers are now paying attention to the revolutionary technology for conveying their message known as Ultra Stretch Signage.

What is Ultra Stretch Signage?

Ultra Stretch Signage offers a revolutionary display option that aims to completely change how we display content in a variety of contexts. It is distinguished by its striking aspect ratio, 32:9 or 58:9, which offers a much wider panoramic viewing experience than traditional screens.

This unique format is perfect for vibrant, eye-catching displays since it allows content to be shown in an elongated and attention-grabbing manner. The screens have excellent color accuracy and great resolution.

Features of Ultra Stretch Signage

Ultra Stretch Signage significantly impacts digital marketing. It is the perfect option for advertising goods and services because of its capacity to enthrall and involve viewers.

Ultra Stretch Signage | Digital Signage Display Singapore | Digitalsignage.sg Singapore

High Flexibility

The remarkable flexibility of Ultra Stretch Signage is one of its most alluring qualities. These displays offer a creative and unconventional design possibility because they can be twisted and curled to fit a variety of areas and constructions. Customizing the shape of the signs gives businesses more options for producing visually engaging and memorable experiences.


The exceptional adaptability of Ultra Stretch Signage is yet another significant benefit. This technology is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, be it providing information in an airport or engaging customers in retail shops.

Seamless Displays

Because Ultra Stretch Signage has no visible gaps and small bezels, it provides a smooth viewing experience. This indicates that there are no interruptions to the content, which is typically a problem with traditional displays, and the image appears clear.

Space Optimization

Ultra Stretch Signage can be a game-changer in settings when space is limited. Because of its extended form factor, you can make the most of the available space while still creating an eye-catching visual effect.

Creative Design Opportunities

For content makers, Ultra Stretch Signage’s distinctive aspect ratio offers up new creative avenues. It makes it possible to create captivating, all-encompassing graphics that have the power to captivate viewers.

Benefits of Ultra Stretch Digital Signage


Enriched Visual Impact

Ultra Stretch Digital Signage's principal advantage is its capacity to draw attention and efficiently communicate information. It offers a fascinating visual experience with the expanded screen style. Whether you use it for entertainment, promotion, or information sharing, it makes your message stand out in a crowded area.

Versatility in Content Display

Ultra Stretch Signage provides versatility in both content production and presentation. It can display numerous types of content at once and supports a wide range of media formats. Businesses that need to present a variety of goods or services or convey complex messages would benefit from this adaptability.

Space Efficiency

Conventional digital displays can take up a large amount of room. On the other hand, Ultra Stretch Digital Signage is a great option when there is limited room because of its extended and slim appearance. It can be suspended from the ceiling, placed on pillars, or mounted on walls to make the most of the available area.

Cost-Effective Advertising

For enterprises, cost-effectiveness is a critical factor. Not only does Ultra Stretch Signage cut down on the number of displays required, but it also saves maintenance expenses. It is an affordable advertising option due to its excellent images and enduring performance.

What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

As part of our commitment to provide creativity in signage for a better life, Digital Signage company is introducing a wider selection of display signage to the market to satisfy customer demand that has never been offered before.

One perfect example of advanced, totally configurable technology used to boost a client’s bottom line and drive business is the 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage.

Our Ultra Stretch signage display is an astounding seven feet long and one foot wide, with a unique 58:9 aspect ratio format. With the help of Picture-by-Picture technology, which divides long, rectangular signage into four seamless panels for either landscape or portrait installations. We offer an immersive 4K Ultra HD resolution display screen.

At Digital Signage, we strive to provide solutions that enhance the user’s experience by smoothly incorporating high-resolution displays in airports, retail, hotels, restaurants, schools, churches, arenas, and more with our extensive digital signage portfolio.

Look through our extensive selection of display signage products to get what you need.

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